10 Steps to Manifesting Anything

10 Steps to Manifesting Anything 

 10 Steps to Manifesting Anything

By Jason & Skye Mangrum
Excerpt from 
Uberman! Almost Super Human
Imagine if you could use the power of your mind to manifest money into your life.

Sound far-fetched?

It's easier than you might be willing to believe.

But your mind-pattern (or belief system) tells you this isn't so... you've probably tried before and failed, and thus convinced yourself that "money does not come out of thin-air!"

It's much easier to manifest money when you're not thinking of money... but instead, all the things you can buy with money. Forget the "middle-man" for a moment, and focus on the object of your desire.

I'm going to reveal a unique method by which anyone can easily and assuredly attain money and be able to sustain it... and watch it grow into even greater amounts of wealth
and prosperity over time.

What I'm revealing to you right now, is the Science and Art of causing reality to conform to Will. And while it isn't accepted among the "Scientific Community" as such, your own experiments will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you not only create your own reality... You can control it.

1. Pick one object that you would like to manifest into the physical plane.
  Start small, and as your powers of focus and concentration increase, move onto larger objects. At first, you will be fighting against your left-brained "ego" which is hard-wired into your mind-pattern that tells you these things are not possible... you don't create your reality and cannot control it. This is a lie.

2. Write down the statement that calls forth the energy into the container...the words "I COMMAND" are very powerful and similar to giving commands to a computer.  Anything after the words "I COMMAND" will create the form in the likeness of its own image. (for example: "I COMMAND my electricity bill PAID in full before July 31st of this year!" etc.)

3. Now that the Universal Energy is contained, it must be held in place. This is accomplished through focus, concentration and detail. Concentrate and solidify this energy by creating a symbol that represents it. For instance, take your electric bill and mark-out the amount due with a pen or pencil, and write "0.00" just above it. Then place it back into its envelope, and in big letters write, "PAID IN FULL BEFORE JULY 31st!" – This is a symbolic "ceremony" that gives the Universal Energy a definite purpose – to have the electric bill paid before July 31st.

4. The more attention to detail you give, the stronger the force becomes. For this reason, place your symbol in a location where you'll see it and be reminded of your intent, every day. With purpose, your symbol now gains in "intelligence" and begins its descent into the physical.

5. On the page with your command statement, write down as many direct and in-direct benefits you can brainstorm, seeing each of these things come to pass in your mind's eye as you write.

6. Create a perfect scenario of how this manifestation will show up in your life and what you will do as a result of its appearance. Tell a story. Write it down. Make it as detailed and vivid as possible... each new effort brings you another step closer to manifesting your object. (But don't be attached to how it manifests... it may be completely different from your story – but you're giving it "life" and intelligence as you write – thereby strengthening the force to be controlled)

7. Next... write a single question: "What are the possibilities in which this can manifest now?" Be still. Remain quiet, and listen. You will soon pick-up on Thoughts, ideas and theories that will tell you several possible ways the object of your desire can manifest into your life... now. (Remember, energy is not limited by space or time, until controlled and contained!)

8. When the ideas cease and the mind is exhausted of all possible avenues for manifestation to take place, stop. Take the paper and fold until small enough to fit in your wallet, or inside your purse. The concentrated energy of these words
bring greater strength to focus and direct the Universal Energy... the conduit is you. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed through the Mind. Remember – focus, concentration and detail form matter.

9. From this point, allow your symbol to "freeze" the manifestation into existence
 and remove any remaining or reoccurring negative beliefs to be dissolved by the Light of Reason. This is symbolized by your subconscious as illuminating white-light. You can cast white-light around any negative Thought with the intent to do so, and feel it dissolve back into its pure form. (Here is wisdom: Light Illuminates the Darkness!)

10. Remain completely un-attached to how your manifestation occurs in the physical. Rest assured that through the phenomenon of Synchronicity, your Thought will manifest at the best possible time and place for your greatest benefit... even if you don't understand why in that moment.

NOTE: The more programming your mind-pattern contains to disbelieve your ability and birthright to create your own reality, the stronger force will be required to reprogram your mind and be successful at manifesting the object of your desire. It is for this reason that I'm going to divulge another secret.

In truth, there is no external reality. The latest research into Quantum Physics is now proving this to be true. All reality filters through the Mind to be perceived.
This , yet devastatingly powerful external/internal mind-switch can bring you into direct alignment with God / Your Higher Self / Your Holy Guardian Angel / Illumination. Enlightenment.

Jason & Skye Mangrum are authors of the new book "Uberman: Almost Super Human". Download two free chapters here for more secrets, tips and techniques to unlock the power of your mind.

Edited by: Sharif Ali



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