How to Get Rich Using the Power of Your Mind

How to Get Rich Using the Power of Your Mind

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Humans are designed to want, need, and ask for more, and since they are, they also come with a built in design to get what they ask for. Otherwise, life would not have a purpose. However, most of us are not aware of this fact. So, we fail to recognize opportunities that pass us by every single moment of our lives. All we have to do is listen to ourselves and our awesome powerful mind will show you how to do those things. Here are the steps:


  1. Know what you desire: It is the first thing you should be aware of. Listen to your desires. No matter how impossible it looks at the beginning, dream big.
  2. Have a Clarity of Vision: Write down all the things you desire. This steps is necessary because, if you do not write things down, your mind might change on the way to achieving the results, and that is a dangerous thing. If you are confident about the clarity of your desires and think that you will not change your mind, you may skip this step.
  3. Read aloud everyday at least twice (When you wake up and when you retire). When you read, make sure to visualize. Create clear mental pictures of what life would be like when you have achieved the things you want. Let your mind marinate into your dreams. Feel the joy and happiness of already having the things that you desire.
  4. Show Gratitude. Be thankful of all the things you already have right now, and all the things that you will have once you have achieved them. This stage is the most important step of all. Once you have started feeling grateful for the things you already have, your mind will recognize the potential of those things and find a way to use them as tools to create your future. Gratitude creates the bridge between your current reality and your future reality.
  5. Take the first step. At this point, your mind will start kicking out ideas on how to get to your future desires. When that happens, act on faith. Believe in yourself. Do not hesitate. Obstacles might show up on the way, but you must believe that you have the ability to go through or around those obstacles when they show up. Do not waste your time thinking about future obstacles now. This is the stage where most people fail. They have magnificent ideas, but they fail to act on those.
  6. Celebrate. When you are acting on your desires in this way, you will be rewarded with smaller success too. Do not forget to celebrate on your smaller successes also. Reward yourself and be more grateful that you are well on the way to achieving your goals.



  • Do not for as while lose focus on your goals no matter what people say.

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