Why It's All Wonderfully Good

 Why It's All Wonderfully Good

By Zen Gardner / Source: ZenGardner.com
If your eyes have been opened you'll see how simple this truth is. While it can be daunting seeing the beating about the head the world is getting in so many ways via vast lies and conspiracies, what is it ultimately showing you? And most of us probably would never have noticed had the world not been such an upside down, backwards conundrum.

All this serves a wonderful, magnificent purpose.

What we see around us is not reality. It's a vast manipulated illusion. It's virtually a trick to see who'll fall for it.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

And we woke up. Isn't that cool? It no longer has power over you once you realize that and start to learn to stand back in your true conscious self. It takes some doing getting all the goop off, and is pretty much a wash-rinse-repeat cycle from there on out, but it gets easier.

The key is to glory in it. Dance to the true cosmic rhythms and celebrate the magnificent true reality emanating from the core of the Universe within and without you.

We have been given such a wonderful gift to know the truth of what's going on around us - the absolutely foolish insanity of the wanna be
controllers' furious machinations: the nonsensical drive for money, the drunken clamor for attention and fame.

It's a riot!

Now you see why Buddha smiled so big? And now we see how the fool on the hill can get such a rush watching the "world spinning round". Ha!

Watch Your Step

The labyrinth has been a fascination for millennia. Now you know why. It's a perfect analogy for life. The game of not falling into a black hole while trying to reach your goal is apparently only two dimensions, just like the two knobs you use to move the playing field which in turn moves the ball.

It's not easy, especially at first, but you get the hang of it as you do it over and over.....and over. Sound familiar?

The really cool thing is, while the end-game seems to be at issue, is the ball moving itself? Or is the manipulated playing field moving the ball? Aha, another dimension!

See how they do it? And you thought you had free will. Ha!

Now notice who's manipulating the knobs. Ok, good. Once you thought you were inside the game in the person of the ball running blindly through the matrix, now you can see from another vantage point what's going on and where you're going. But you could never see it as a little manipulated ball getting shoved around the matrix.

This is how consciousness is with your metal ball called your body and mind. If just your mind is running your life, it's part of the ball and can't see crapola. BUT when consciousness, which is looking THROUGH your mind and heart and spirit is awakened and allowed to work through you, you're seeing the whole board.

And what do you find out? Not only that your true consciousness better be in control of the knobs, but...
It's just a frikking game!!...(of sorts...)

But if you find yourself running 'round the game room shaking stupefied people's shoulders and screaming "It's just a game! Wake up!", don't be surprised.

Comes with the territory.

Now pick up your ball and go outside and play. Or is it inside?

Whichever, wake others up. That's now your calling. Stop hesitating.
Edited by: Sharif Ali



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