If You Want Success, Hire A Prostitute (Must Read!)

The Formula for Victory in ANY situation. Esoteric understanding of the scripture Joshua, 1:3.

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If you want to succeed, hire a prostitute

Posted by on August 14, 2013
Every place that the sole of your feet shall tread upon, that have I given to you” Joshua, 1:3.

 Many people are familiar with the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho, and how he blew his trumpet causing the walls of this great city to come tumbling down. No doubt we can all remember the stifled yawns during R.E. class in school when told this story, the thoughts in our head saying, “Yeah right, and the rest! Is it break yet?”
If we were to look at this story literally, in its physical context only, then we would still be yawning and saying the same thing. However there is a Universal Law at work here, one that applies to every one of us, and one which is the key to all Victory – a formula which can be applied this very moment, under any circumstances and against all odds.
Armed with just the knowledge that wherever his feet would tread, that land would be given to him, Joshua desired to capture (i.e. to tread upon) the City of Jericho, however the walls that separated him from this were mighty and impassable. It seemed physically impossible for him to get beyond these massive walls and actually stand upon the city (with his own two feet). And yet, he knew that if he could but stand upon the city, regardless of the barriers and obstacles separating him from his desires, the city would be given to him. This was his promise or, in modern day speak, the Universal Law to be applied.

 When faced with giant obstacles in our life, our first thoughts are how we are to fight them, as though we must take up arms and annihilate every single one of them. But, instead of battling the giant problem of the wall, Joshua employed the services of the prostitute Rahab, sending her as a spy into the city of Jericho. As she entered her house (which was in the middle of the city), Joshua blew on his trumpet seven times. At the seventh blast, the walls crumbled and he entered the city.
Even now some of you may be stifling your yawn, however those whom recognise the psychological drama in this story (rather than it being a piece of history), will see the profound and profitable lessons contained herein.  And this is what they are:
Joshua symbolizes to us our present state; and the city of Jericho our desire, or defined objective. The walls are the seemingly impenetrable barriers that separate us from the realization of our desires (i.e. the obstacles in the way), whilst the feet symbolize understanding.  Rahab, the spy, is our ability to travel secretly or psychologically to any place in space (consciousness knows no frontiers). Regardless of the barriers separating us from our objective, we can (without effort or help) annihilate time, space, and barriers, meaning that we can dwell, psychologically, in the desired state (even if we can’t, as yet, stand there physically).
To tread psychologically means to visualize (and feel with our senses) the place we wish to be, feeling it to be so real that we actually inhabit our objective or desire.
A prostitute gives to men that which they desire, and Rahab symbolizes our infinite capacity to psychologically assume any desired state without questioning whether or not we are physically or morally fit to do so. This means that we can capture our very own city of Jericho (our defined objective) if we will psychologically enter that which we wish to accomplish.

Therefore, in conclusion, the formula for Victory in any situation is simply this:

1)   Define your objective (not the method of attaining it)
2)   Ignore the obstacles and place your thought on the objective itself.
3)   FEEL (with all of your senses) that you are already in the city or state that you wish to capture, until you feel complete satisfaction within. This complete satisfaction will bring about victory in ways our logical mind may not have conceived.

This is a secret journey into the desired state. Enjoy the results, and then share your process of success with others.

By Joanne St.Clair
Aerospace Engineer turned Spiritual Adventurer.

P.S. If you require lessons in putting your prostitute to use (i.e. in creative visualisation), then give me a shout. I have amassed many teaching hours, and conducted documented case studies and experiments in this field (from both a scientific and philosophical perspective). I work with individuals and groups, and have witnessed awe-inspiring impacts from my work.

Alternatively, check out the book Statue In The Square….there is a chapter on Creative Visualisation in this.

(This article is inspired by the writing of Neville Goddard)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you that was extremely insightfull ,I love Neville's teaching and each day more and more knowledge is coming my way
Cheers Anita

Sharif Ali ☪ ✡ said...

Peace and My Pleasure

denver ladies said...

Wow! Incredible post so far. Most of the people know that hard-working person will be succeeded in life. But now that thought was wrong. Really impressive.

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