Neville Goddard and Prof. Abdullah, the Ethiopian Rabbi


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Neville Goddard always acknowledged that one of the most important people in his spiritual development was a Jewish mystic in New York City named Abdullah. Not much is known about Abdullah, but Neville mentioned him frequently in his lectures. Here is a transcript of Neville’s response to a question about Abdullah from the question-and-answer segment after one of his lectures.

How Abdullah Taught Neville the Law: “He turned his back on me and … slammed the door!”

It was 1933. If you remember, there was a frightful Depression on in our country. Millions were unemployed. I was a dancer, and if you couldn’t eat, you couldn’t pay to watch a dancer, so there were no shows playing on Broadway.
Well, what I’m getting at is, I didn’t have a job, I had no money, and I was living in a basement on 75th Street and he (Abdullah) lived on 72nd Street, in a very lovely home.
I said to Abdullah, in the month of October, late October, “Ab, you know I’ve been gone from Barbados for almost twelve years… I came here in ’22. And it’s almost 12 years, and I’ve never had a desire to go back. But now I have a hungry desire, a haunting desire, to go to Barbados. Not a thing stops me but a lack of money. I have no money.”

He said to me, “You are in Barbados.”

I said, “I am in Barbados?”

He said, “Yes. You are now in Barbados. And so… you see Barbados, and you see America from Barbados, and you can smell the tropical land of Barbados, see only the little homes of Barbados, and that’s all you do. You just simply sleep this night in Barbados.”

Well, I thought him insane, really… I mean, at the moment, it seemed so… stupid. Because… 72nd Street, we still had 50- and 60-story buildings. And little Barbados with a little three-story building almost the tallest that you’d find. And narrow little streets and no sidewalks. And I’m walking on a sidewalk that is wider than the widest street in Barbados on 72nd Street.

Well, nevertheless, that night I slept in Barbados. I assumed that I’m in Barbados in my mother’s home, and that I saw America relative to Barbados, and it wasn’t under me that night… it was north of me, about two thousand miles.

Well, the next day, I didn’t tell him anything… about a week later when nothing happened, I thought I would approach him. This time we’ve moved into November.

I said, “You know, Ab, there’s no… not a thing has happened.”

He wouldn’t discuss it with me. He turned his back on me and went into his little library and slammed the door.

So all that I did… I tried to the best of my ability to with his almost insolence… he was rude. But he taught me by his rudeness that I cannot discuss how if I am doing what I’m supposed to do. He tells me right away, “You are in Barbados.” Like someone comes to you now, and you would apply this principle toward their request, and they say, “Oh, I would love to be happily married.” And you say to her, or him, “You are now happily married.” They look at you as though you’re insane.

But that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. “You are now happily married.” Well, if I am now happily married and I’m a lady, I would instantly begin to feel that ring there in my imagination.

Oh, he said, “You’re in Barbados.” And I’m in New York City physically, but he put me in Barbados in my imagination. So that I slept in Barbados to the best of my ability. But you know days go into weeks, and the weeks went into a month, and I’m trying my best to open the discussion with him, to get a little hope. No, no hope! (audience laughter) He wouldn’t give me any encouragement if I did what he told me to do. Well, we all are human enough to want another little discussion, another little push. And so he taught me the lesson that there is no such thing as “a little pregnancy.” (audience laughter) No such thing. If you did it, then you’re pregnant. Let the child grow. And interference with it is going to be a miscarriage. “You assume that you are in Barbados.” Now you are pregnant. The idea is that you are going to give birth to a journey which will land you right in Barbados. So you’ve assumed it. That is conception. Now, don’t try to argue. You have conceived. And all you have to do is be a faithful mother, and bear that child, and don’t discuss it with me anymore.

He never discussed it, after he told me I was in Barbados.

And I learned so many things from the old fellow. And he was born in North Africa, of Jewish parents, and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home. But he knew more Christianity than anyone I’ve ever met, because he spoke the Hebrew tongue perfectly. He spoke other tongues. And Rabbis would come to study with him. And he and I would discuss, day in and day out, for over five years, teaching me all that he could teach me that I could absorb concerning the Kabbalah, the great mystery of how this thing is put together in these simple little letters of Hebrew.


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