You Can Have Anything

From Catherine Ponder, “Open Your Mind to Prosperity:

“There is a way you can have everything and that is, by creating your good mentally first.
It has been estimated that success may be as much as 98% mental preparation and only 2% outer action.

There are three basic ways in which you may create your prosperity mentally first:
1)  In writing
2)  In pictures
3)  In words

You are a spiritual and mental being and live from the inside out.
As a loving Father, God is the source of your prosperity. God has provided the substance of the universe (“Gold Dust”) that you can shape and form as prosperity. This substance is passive and impersonal and waits for you to form it personally as will.

You are master of the rich substance of the universe.  You claim your mastery and take hold of this substance shaping, molding and forming it with your definite, deliberate thoughts, words and actions.
As you become definite about prosperity, it becomes definite about you.  As you turn the great energy of your thinking upon ideas of plenty, you will have plenty, regarding of what people about you are saying or doing.

It is through writing picturing and affirming prosperity that your thoughts, words and actions begin working for you in happy, prosperous and productive ways.  Begin right now to get definite about prosperity, by sitting down and making a list of the good you want to experience in your life.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, a great Truth teacher at the turn of the century, on said, “Sit down at a certain time every day and write down on paper what your ideas of good are.  You will find out that such a practice will pin your mind down to the Truth and you will demonstrate results.”

Another eminent metaphysician, Dr. Emmet Fox, said that this is the way to “alter your life.”

Remember this, if you just drift along without any decision or definite purpose, you become the helpless victim of circumstances.  If your desires are not clear and definite, you become subject to the dominating personalities of people around you. The way to overcome difficulties is to set a goal in writing.

The word desire, in its root, means “of the Father.”  It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom and it should be your good pleasure to receive it here and now.  Desire is God trying to give you greater good!  Open your mind to receive it.  Then get definite about that desire by writing it down, so that it can definitely manifest for you.”

“I Am surrounded by divine substance and this divine substance now manifests for me in rich appropriate form.”

“I trust the universal spirit of prosperity to provide richly for me now.”

"If you do not get definite about what you want in this life, if you just drift along without any decision or definite purpose or goal you will become the helpless victim of circumstances.  If your desires are not clear and definite you become subject to the dominating personalities of people around.  You become a subject to the stronger minds around you and what they are thinking about.

You'll find yourself simply manifesting in your life what someone else around you wants.  Simply because they know what they want and you don't.  So your mind becomes a broadcasting station through which their definite ideas come to pass.

The way to overcome this and to overcome difficulties is to set a goal.  Begin to get definite about what you want.  You do this by writing it out.  Don't just carry it around intangibly but write it down...

If you have no set purpose your mind just produces a conglomeration of circumstances (Ex. This is why the recession is real for so many people).  This is why there is so much confusion in the lives of passive people.

Choice produces results.  If we do not chose something positive and constructive then we are choosing problems, confusion, lack, and limitation.  So that is what will come to us.  We are using choice at all times either deliberate choice for something better or choice through a mission, choosing nothing.

There is an ancient secret about the power of writing out what you want.  The old secret is this...

Your definite, written words dissolve all obstacles and barriers on the visible and invisible planes of life.

Think about that.

Your written words go out into the ethers of the Universe to work through people, circumstances, and events to open the way for your desired good to come pass."

~Catherine Ponder


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