You Have To Believe That You Can Achieve!

Wow, the whole key is that you actually BELIEVE.  If you believe then you can do anything.  The only reason people aren't able to grow limbs back (like lizards and other animals) is because we do not believe we can do it.

It's too far out of the realm of possibility however if a story breaks of a man or woman somewhere in the world doing it, all of a sudden more people will be able to accomplish this feat.  That's why every sports record no matter how monumental will be broken eventually because people are AWARE that it can be achieved and therefore surpassed.

Scientists 15-20 years ago never would have thought that humans could run as fast as Usain Bolt but now that its been done just wait.  That record will be broken too.

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What is a Placebo? It’s a demonstration, as clear as spring water, of the amazing power of your Subconscious Mind and that using your Mind Power there are very little limits to what you can do. Believe it or not your mind is wonderful.

A Placebo as it is usually used in medicine is nothing more than water, or sugar, given to patients by their doctor when their illness is of psychological reason. The wonderful thing is that Placebo works and the patient gets healed. Now, it is not that in this case your doctor is scamming you, is that he knows that your mind can create illnesses and so your mind can heal those illnesses.

My father who was a doctor told me about Placebo and how he routinely used them for patients. I mean this is a scientific proof that the power of your Subconscious Mind is amazing, isn’t it? If doctors use it then it
works right? And actually there are drugs in your preferred pharmacy made mostly by sugar, or water. Need an example? Do you know about Asthma? Many times, if not most of the times, it has psychological roots such as you feel stressed and your breaths get shorter and you feel like having a weight on your lungs. For years Asthma remedies were made mostly by water and camphor, and they worked!

So, the Placebo is something more or less inert that you think it works and in effect it works because you believe in its effectiveness. It’s what you think of it that makes it to work. It’s your Mind Power in reality that makes you feel better and even heal yourself, not the sugar pill. Using the Placebo you are able to unleash the power of your Subconscious Mind because your Conscious Mind believes in it and its effects.

What we Hypnotherapists usually do with clients. Helping them to find a way to use both the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind to get a desired outcome. But our job sometimes it’s a bit more difficult as we are trained from our youth to take a pill or another remedy when being sick and so we are much more used to take something to feel better instead of using our Mind Power. But the principle remains the same. Our Mind can heal us.

Clearly Placebo has a drawback, if you know that it’s not a real medicine it doesn’t work because it’s magic is ruined. It’s what you think of it that makes a Placebo a real remedy for your illnesses, once you think it’s just sugar, well, it becomes just sugar. And it’s no more able to unleash the power of your Subconscious Mind to heal you.

It’s like discovering the tricks of a magician, the magic disappears.

Now, do you agree that Placebo is a clear and scientific demonstration of the power of your Subconscious Mind or not? If medicine routinely uses it then I think we don’t need other proofs of our Mind Power efficiency in healing us.

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